RealifeChange is your own portable life journal towards Positive Change and Well-being. Track your mood, pinpoint sources of stress, and experience increased confidence and social satisfaction.


R E A L I F E C H A N G E®

Life Journaling

RealifeChange allows you to track moments in your daily life, in privacy at the time and place they occur.

See how you perceive your life by taking a few seconds each day to record your life events, in your native language, as ‘Notes’ on your iPhone or ‘Quick Notes’ on your Apple Watch.

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R E A L I F E C H A N G E®

Life Journaling

RealifeChange turns these moments in your life into beautiful and meaningful dashboards, reflecting who you truly are.

Explore your life in a number of intuitive, playful and easy to understand ways – revealing instructive information and useful insights about yourself.


R E A L I F E C H A N G E®

Life Journaling

With RealifeChange, you can begin to understand and improve your Well-being.

RealifeChange will help you define a direction in life and better understand your behaviour and emotional patterns.


R E A L I F E C H A N G E®

Life Journaling

RealifeChange comes with two new dashboards to help you create Positive Change in your life.

RealifeChange will give you personalised suggestions to help you find positive change in your life, while keeping track of your mental health and well-being.

See yourself from the inside out and guide yourself to positive improvements.

RealifeChange is a reflection of you, by you; it’s a lens to see yourself from the outside, evaluate your past and make better choices for the future.


R E A L I F E C H A N G E®

Life Journaling

Meet ‘ME’.

‘ME’ is a reflection of your inner self, acting like a trusted guide and delivering highly personal and contextual suggestions based on your life data, using our unique Life Autofocus® suggestions technology (AI) to fast track your self-exploration towards Positive Change and your own Well-being.


R E A L I F E C H A N G E®

Life Journaling

Special Guests – Suggestions Programs in RealifeChange

We regularly invite life coaches, psychologists and forward thinkers with different backgrounds and from various locations around the globe to share their vision of life within RealifeChange. All RealifeChangers receive helpful and relevant hints within the app. By choosing to activate Life Autofocus®, you can get even more guidance through their life-changing, profound and in-depth suggestions.

RealifeChange is simple, playful and easy to use.

We all think about our lives and the future, but it’s hard to see how we’re shaped by our life experiences; that’s why RealifeChange is helpful.

RealifeChange Matrix - High Impact

Collect the data of your life.

RealifeChange guides you to record your live events. It only takes a few seconds each day to record your thoughts as “Notes”, using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

RealifeChange Life Focus - #Relationship

See who you truly are inside.

In real time, RealifeChange enriches your notes with contextual data and creates insightful, beautiful dashboards about your life.

Create positive change in your life.

Create positive change.

By reflecting on your dashboards and following personalised suggestions, you’ll be able to learn more about yourself each day. Use the clarity to find positive change.

Each note is assigned to a Category.

Categories help you to segment your thoughts, write about different aspects of a single experience, and think more deeply in your own introspection.

RealifeChange Experience Icon


Drop after drop, you fulfil yourself with your own personal experience… and you move forward on your own terms.

RealifeChange Action Icon


You are honest with yourself and your actions reflect who you truly are inside… You become the person you want to be.

RealifeChange Emotion Icon


You move forward at the pace of your heart beat and you feel the pulse of life… You love where you feel.

RealifeChange Decision Icon


You take the risk to make your own decisions… Where you go is up to you, the only direction is yours.

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You feel the need to expand beyond frontiers and explore new territories… You open your eyes to a new vision of life and trace your own path.