Creating Human Connections

Deepen the Moment. Inspire Change. Build Trust.

We bring Global Award-Winning Human-Centred Designs (HCD), Human Experiences (HX) and Well-being Intelligence® (AI) to your organisation.

We are all human beings, with hopes, aspirations, moments of joy, fulfilment, challenges or stress. Most organisations founded their core value proposition on making our life easier, more enjoyable; or helping us reach our goals, be more performant, successful or fulfilled; or guiding us towards the balance point between our resources pool and the challenges we face, more commonly called Well-being.


As a thought leader, you may feel that your organisation in its daily operations is often missing the point of the human connection with customers and is not fully aligned with its original core mission. You may also feel frustration – knowing that valuable customer relationships are the ones that are emotionally engaging, meaningful and relevant for them – when noticing that your organisation doesn’t clearly see when it comes to integrating the emotional, behavioural and Well-being drivers in the conversations with customers.

Drive fabulous customer experience and engagement strategies!

Transition to Human Experiences and Well-being Intelligence®, deeply shifting the way you interact with your customers to focus on what matters most to them towards their own Well-being.

At REALIFEX®, which stands for REAL LIFE eXperience, we create a new generation of Customer/User Experience (CX/UX) that is fundamentally “Human. Accessible. Life Changing” and that is based on Well-being Intelligence® (AI). It’s a unique expertise, technology and methodology that we deliver and tailor to the context of your organisation and hand over to you when your project is successfully deployed.

You’re only five steps away from delivering a REALIFEXperience to your customers.

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Looking for better quality customer connections for your organisation?

Depending on your business needs, we deliver:

  • Human-Centred Designs
  • Human Experiences
  • Well-being Intelligence®
  • Plug-ins and Widgets
  • All-in-one Apps

Let us share the results of our learnings and research in the field of Well-being intelligence® and co-create with you.

TIP #1 

Set expectations on how your business can contribute to your customers’ Well-being

Disrupt, start a conversation and guide your customers through a rewarding onboarding process, so that they can evaluate whether building a relationship with your organisation is the right direction for them.

TIP #2

Uncover emotional drivers through various engagement tools and features.

Offer playful, easy-to-use and meaningful engagement tools to your customers and deliver immediate feedback and personal insights to emotionally engage them with your organisation.

Realifex wins the Webby People’s Voice Award!

Realifex won the Webby People’s Voice Award in the category Best Visual Design – Function 2017!


TIP #3

Encourage to create positive change on what matters the most

Maintain a continuous dialogue through frequent and reproducible interactions – Moments – and create a sustainable emotional link between their life path and your organisation, based on mutual contribution and day-to-day feedback sharing.

TIP #4

Innovate to create ongoing results and Well-being


With your customers’ unique life journey underway, continue improving Awareness, Growth and Well-being on an ongoing basis. That way, you unlock unprecedented analytics data about customers, engaged in a long-term mutual and trusted relationship with your organisation.

Experience the shift to Well-being Intelligence® and be amazed by the unprecedented results!

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Realifex wins four design awards!

Realifex picked up 4 design awards, at the W3 Awards – Gold for Productivity and Silver for Best Visual Design – and at The Davey awards – Gold for Mobile in Mobile Features – Best Visual Design and Silver for Mobile in Mobile Apps/Sites-Health & Wellness.

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