Realifex for Apple Watch is a remarkable experience.

We all have busy lives and very limited time for comprehensive and informed thinking. Realifex for Apple Watch is a fluid and beautiful way to capture your life events in the moment. Discover how Realifex for Apple Watch seamlessly integrates with Realifex for iPhone.

Realifex for Apple Watch

Capture snapshots of your life on the go.

Experience simplicity, beauty and fluidity when creating a “Quick Note” on your Apple Watch. Capture and optionally dictate your life events at the time and place they occur.

Quick Notes for Apple Watch

Refine and enhance your Notes on your iPhone.

Quick Notes that you create on Apple Watch will appear in your Life Flow on iPhone. Expand on them through a fast, simplified and guided process.

Girl with iPhone

See yourself from the outside and create positive change.

In real time, Realifex adds contextual data to your notes and creates insightful, beautiful dashboards about your life. You use the clarity to create positive change in your life.


This is just the beginning, the possibilities are endless.

Realifex for Apple Watch help you define your quality of life and help you better understand your sensorial and physiological patterns.

Capture the moment on your Apple Watch.

Quickly record life events in the moment, as they happen, while you’re doing other things.

Realifex for Apple Watch - Categories


Start by selecting one of five categories to segment your thoughts in the moment.

Realifex for Apple Watch - Feelings


Quickly reflect, then express how you feel on the go.

Realifex for Apple Watch - Impact


Define the importance of each moment and it’s impact on your life.

Realifex for Apple Watch - Quick Note

Quick Note

Optionally expand on the event by dictating a Quick Note.

Realifex for Apple Watch - Dictation


Dictate your Quick Note using your Apple Watch to capture detail as it happens.

Realifex for Apple Watch - Wrap Up

Wrap Up

See a summary, then  expand on your Quick Note later using your iPhone.