The challenge of defining well-being…

In the International Journal of Wellbeing, researchers proposed a new definition of wellbeing as:

“The balance point between an individual’s resource pool and the challenges faced.”

“Each time an individual meets a challenge, the system of challenges and resources comes into a state of imbalance, as the individual is forced to adapt their resources to meet this particular challenge.” said researchers.

Source: R. Dodge, R., Daly, A., Huyton, J., & Sanders, L. (2012). The challenge of defining well-being.

Realifex develops Well-being intelligence (AI) based applications, designed to help users to develop their resources and overcome their challenges, by offering them digital life guidance and life programs.


The challenge of measuring Well-being

Realifex reveals fractals in users’ lives

In an attempt to reconnect human beings with the natural world’s universal rules, Realifex creates fractals to reveal complex emotional behavior patterns and Well-being triggers.


What is a fractal?

According to the definition given by the Fractal Foundation: A fractal is a never-ending pattern that repeats itself at different scales. This property is called “Self-Similarity.” Amazingly, fractals are extremely simple to make. A fractal is made by repeating a simple process again and again.

How does Realifex create fractals?

1- We’re the sum of every moment. Realifex allows to capture them as notes.

Through the simple note creation process and our patented perception matrix, combining mood and impact on life as coordinates on a map, and our life topics (hashtags), Realifex allows users to infinitely repeat a simple, playful and quick note creation process to capture their moments and rate their associated perception.

Note creation

2- Realifex tranforms the emotional subjectivity in our lives into factual Well-being patterns

Our unique technology Life Autofocus® (AI) then allows detecting self-similarities and direct users’ focus on behaviour patterns in various area of their life to increase their awareness and boost their well-being.

Behaviour patterns are analysed by Life Autofocus® by time, topics (interests or concerns in users’ life), mood, life impact, location and other contextual data such as weather conditions, steps, sleep, heartbeat, calories.

Doing so everyday, several times a day, users get incalculable data points on their well-being and build an accurate and factual understanding of their life.


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