Acclaimed Life & Business Coach Travis Barton started using RealifePortal to foster a closer connection with his clients.

“RealifePortal has been a true game changer in my coaching practice.”

Travis Barton – Life & Business Coach

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Since he incorporated RealifePortal into his coaching practice, Travis can see what is happening in his clients’ lives in real time, on a moment-by-moment basis.


RealifePortal is designed for Coaches and Mentors, to give them insights into their clients’ well-being in real time, in between sessions, and to give them instant feedback.

He can also give them instant feedback and communicate with them in real time using RealifePortal.


In the RealifePortal dashboard, Travis can also communicate with his clients through real-time or scheduled interactions.

His suggestions are sent directly to Personal RealifePortal, the client-side portal, which enables him to build a dialogue with his clients, based on what makes them struggle or thrive.

As a result of this, his coaching has become infinitely more powerful, and his clients are making faster progress than ever before.

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Like Travis, help your clients thrive with real-time insights into their well-being!


“After all, life happens between sessions, and I need to see my clients’ wins, challenges, and comments in real time.” – Travis Barton

“RealifePortal dramatically changed the way I keep in touch with my clients throughout the week, in between sessions.” – Travis Barton

“RealifePortal empowers my clients to grow faster because I can work with them through any challenge in real time, instead of discussing it after the fact.” – Travis Barton

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