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Realifex - Life Path

Realifex allows you to track moments in your daily life, in privacy at the time and place they occur. 

See how you perceive your life by taking a few seconds each day to record your life events, in your native language, as ‘Notes’ on your iPhone or ‘Quick Notes’ on your Apple Watch.

Realifex - Life Map & Life Focus Dashboards

Realifex turns these moments in your life into beautiful and meaningful dashboards, reflecting who you truly are.

Explore your life in a number of intuitive, playful and easy to understand ways – revealing instructive information and useful insights about yourself.

See how Realifex works.

Express yourself in privacy. Take a moment to reflect. Move forward on your own terms.

Realifex for Apple Watch is a fluid and beautiful way to record your life events while you’re on the go.

Capture snapshots of your life on your Apple Watch, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to record life events. Realifex for Apple Watch smartly integrates with Realifex for iPhone.

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Realifex for Apple Watch
Realifex - Life Flow

See yourself from the inside out and guide yourself to personal improvements.

Realifex is a reflection of you, by you; it’s a lens with which to view yourself from the outside, evaluate your past and make better choices for the future.

We’ve built a map without a compass.

Where you go is up to you, the only direction is yours.

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