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Make your coaching ultra-relevant and personal and leverage your well-being track record to grow your reputation, influence and reach.

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See how your clients feel!

RealifePortal enables you to stay connected with your client’s journey in real time.

Visualise your client’s well-being, mood, and life impact at any time, and access this data from anywhere on your mobile, tablet, or personal computer.
Add your own private comments in preparation for your next meeting, call or session with your clients.
Note: Your clients need to download the FREE RealifeChange app and opt-in for Life Data Sharing. This feature requires your Secure Access Code which is given to you upon signing up for RealifePortal.

State of Mind by Life Impact

Get unprecedented insights into your clients’ Well-being drivers and visualise their engagement level in relation to your coaching. Filter by topics or words to shape the dashboard for each of your clients. Encourage each client to take action towards their own Well-being. See to which extent your coaching is relevant and beneficial to them.

“RealifePortal has been a true game changer in my coaching practice.”

“This app is dramatically changing the way I keep in touch with my clients throughout the week in between our sessions.”

“After all, life happens between sessions and seeing my clients wins, challenges and comments in real time has given much more pin pointed clarity in my coaching to easier guide towards dramatic growth!”

Travis Barton – Life & Business Coach

Post Suggestions to guide your clients!

Interact with either one or several of your clients at a time through real-time or scheduled Suggestions. It only takes a few seconds and helps your clients stay on track to positive Well-being.

Note: Suggestions are sent to your clients directly in their RealifeChange app!


Well-being Track Record

Measure your coaching efficiency across your client base. Filter by topics or words to get meaningful Well-being insights. Prevent clients from moving away from your coaching by anticipating objections through action plans boosting their engagement, progression and results. Use your Well-being track record to grow your reputation, influence and reach.


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Start helping your clients in 3 easy steps!

1. Get your unique Access Code

Share Your Access Code

Upon signing up for RealifePortal, you will be issued a Secure Access Code that you can share with your clients. This Secure Access Code is unique to you.

2. Invite your clients to connect

Connect With Your Clients

Once you have shared your Secure Access Code, your clients will be prompted to download the RealifeChange app, if they don’t already have it. From there, they can enable Life Data Sharing with you.

3. Help your clients grow

Help Your Clients Thrive

Once your clients enable Life Data Sharing in their RealifeChange app, you will instantly be able to see their Life Data. You can maintain an on-going dialogue and guide them towards real positive change!

Stay in touch with your clients on a daily basis!

With RealifePortal, you can avoid any disconnect between when you talk with them and their real life!

The problem with traditional digital communication

The client writes directly to their coach via text or email in a classic question / answer model. The problem with this approach is the client is dependent on the coach to answer, taking away any opportunity for their own self-reflection and growth.

RealifePortal solves this problem

In RealifePortal’s model, the coach acts like a guiding presence. This means the coach needs to only react when it is relevant to their client’s life events. The client benefits from the guidance they receive on top of being able to self-reflect for meaningful, long term change!

How it works

RealifePortal connects directly with RealifeChange to provide you with unprecedented data in helping your clients achieve positive Well-being.

Step 1 - Create a note in RealifeChange

Your clients create notes in RealifeChange

Invite your clients to start using and benefiting from our free RealifeChange app. Your clients can capture moments in their lives and get clarity around behavioural patterns that can help improve their Well-being.

Step 2 - Get real-time updates in RealifePortal

Get real-time updates in your RealifePortal

Whenever your clients make notes, RealifePortal will update you in real-time. Make private comments against their notes, or send relevant suggestions to them. Your clients will receive your suggestions right in their RealifeChange app!

Step 3 - Guide your clients to positive Well-being

Your clients benefit from RealifeChange and you!

Now you have the tools to react instantly to your client’s life events, helping them through direct suggestions for improvement and providing better coaching with unprecedented insights into their Well-being drivers!

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