Realifex’s vision is to make well-being awareness accessible to everyone, and to help millions of people around the world to live a happier, healthier life, focused on their well-being and self-development.

In a digital world saturated with addictive gaming and poor quality social media exchanges, Realifex delivers a new type of useful and empowering digital products answering people’s need for self-awareness and guidance.

With the unique Well-being Intelligence® (AI) embedded in our applications, we believe we have launched the most efficient, innovative, professional and cheapest Well-being offer on the digital Well-being market.

Realifex’s goal in the long run is to bring well-being awareness to the heart of personal and professional interactions, through digital communication exchange tools that allow clients to connect in the most honest and purposeful way with professionals in all business sectors: well-being, healthcare, financial services, insurance, education, sustainability, food … and more.

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NEW – The RealifePortal Concept – 2018

This new concept, based on digital guidance, has been designed both for the public, with “Coachin’Up Your Life”, and for coaching professionals, with “Coachin’Up Your Clients”.

Both apps are now available on the app store and Google play and have been downloaded 5,500 times in the first month.

The coaching business is expanding but it is not always easy for coaches to retain their clients and to develop their business.

Coachin’Up Your Clients allows them to develop a meaningful connection with their existing clients in-between sessions: they can keep track of their well-being progression, communicate with them, and reduce Customer churn.

The app is also a powerful marketing and sales tool for coaches: it connects them to new potential clients and helps them to promote their business by publishing their own programs on the app, advertising for their events, webinars…, and by increasing their online reach and reputation.



Anyone can download Coachin’Up Your Life, the public version of the app. Users receive guidance from the embedded digital guide (Artificial Intelligence) and they can request to get connected with a coach in real life. They can also choose to use the app for entering their life data (guided journaling), following free or paying Suggestion Programs, and keeping track of their well-being.


The RealifeChange Concept – 2015

This app has been developed to answer the need for a new type of Personal Journaling. The Artificial Intelligence in the app can act as a guide and help the user increase their well-being level. RealifeChange is available on the App Store and has been downloaded 200,000 times.

It has received five prestigious global design awards and is rated 4.5* on the App Store.


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