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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – World Health Organisation’s Constitution

Why investing in Well-being?

Every US$ 1 invested in scaling up treatment for depression and anxiety leads to a return of US$ 4 in better health and ability to work.

“We know that treatment of depression and anxiety makes good sense for health and wellbeing; this new study confirms that it makes sound economic sense too.”
Dr Margaret Chan – Director-General of WHO

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Engage your Members or Patients to help them improve their health and reach their own Well-being. Get incalculable analytics insights and successful outcomes for your organisation.

Encourage your Members to take action towards Health and Well-being!

Deliver highly personal and relevant content to your members at the time they need it the most.

Positively animate your member base with personalised suggestions, Life Autofocus® guidance delivered by our virtual coach (AKA ‘ME’ as a reflection of your members’ inner selves) and add-on programs using the dedicated Content Management System.

Gather aggregated invaluable insights on Well-being trends!

Programs module

Propose innovative Well-being solutions to your Corporate Members!

Use our Well-being Intelligence™ Platform to its full capability by combining employees and health modules to provide to your corporate members an efficient way to manage their staff’s Well-being, Performance and Health.

Share their Well-being Score with your Corporate Members and give them access to the dedicated Content Management System to allow them to directly animate their staff with personalised suggestions, Life Autofocus® guidance and add-on programs.

Looking for Well-being Intelligence™ for your Health Organisation?

Based on a deep understanding of your business needs, we offer:

Well-being Intelligence™ consulting services
Concept designs and widgets
Comprehensive and tailored apps

Measure the overall satisfaction of your Patients in your Medical centre every day!

Forget the stand alone satisfaction exit questionnaire and shift to an ongoing contextual and timely evaluation of your services and staff through a deep analysis of Well-being Score – per topic, context, location and time – shared by your patients.

Continuously improve your services and measure progression in your patients’ anonymous feedback per service, treatment type etc. From this newly gained clarity, focus your team effort on what matters most to them.

Dramatically reduce the cost of your Medical Research and Clinical trials!

Maintain a continuous dialog through frequent and reproducible interactions – Moments – and create an sustainable open channel between your patients groups and your organisationbased on mutual contribution and day-to-day feedback sharing.

Renew their participation in your research or propose additional usage of your innovations, services or products

In this way, you uncover deep analytics data about your patients groups whilst improving their Well-being and creating long-term quality and trusted engagement with your organisation.

Realifex is a Trusted Third-Party

Our Involvement as trusted third-party for data privacy, confidentiality, security and hosting allows users to safely engage with the Well-being Intelligence™ Platform and healthcare organisations. OurWell-being Intelligence™ Platform enables aggregated reports and accurate analytics data, anonymous feedback (opt-in) and a dedicated CMS to connect with their user base.

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